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Mary Plummer
President & CEO
As the President and CEO of Medicare Mary LLC, Mary Plummer expertly serves her clients as a seasoned Medicare specialist. With a distinguished reputation dating back to 2014, Mary has been at the forefront of the Medicare industry, passionately advocating for seniors and their healthcare requirements. Seamlessly navigating the complexities of the Medicare system, Mary offers her clients the essential education and unwavering support they need.
Medicare Administrative Supervisor
As the Medicare Administrative Supervisor, Alexandra is the driving force behind Medicare Mary! With a focus on efficiency, growth and customer satisfaction, she optimizes sales processes, manages the administrative team, and aligns operations with the objectives of Medicare Mary. Alexandra also makes informed decisions and recommendations to drive continuous improvement. With exceptional leadership and strategic skills, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Medicare Mary and driving innovation and growth.
Client Service Analyst
Angela, the Client Service Analyst, is dedicated to ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction. She manages client interactions, databases, marketing projects, and provides administrative support to Medicare Mary's office. Angela works closely with the CEO and the team to deliver excellent service promptly and efficiently.
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